OFFER! To all 30.4. for docks ordered by -500 € (small dock -350€). The discount will be deducted from the final bill.

Unique Docks

UNIQUE DOCKS is an element dock made of recycled plastic composite

UNIQUE DOCKS is a completely new, ecological and unique dock concept. The modular pier produced from recycled plastic composite is easy to transport, self-assembled and durable. We avoid transport and hidden costs. Our supply chain is unsurpassed in its ecology.

UNIQUE DOCKS encourages recycling and solves the plastic waste recycling problem..

We are renewing the entire dock world. We do it inspiringly, boldly and colorfully.

1. Ecological

Made from 100% recycled plastic
No material waste
Minimal carbon footprint

2. Easy

Light to transport
Quick assembly and installation, only a screwdriver needed
Maintenance free, water resistant and no rotting

3. Strong

Simple and durable construction, no splintering
Velvety UV-protected surface, not slippery in rain or frost
Pat. Pending